Born June 18, 1970 in Belgium. After a Degree in Illustration at St-Luc in Brussels in 1991, Marie-Isabelle Callier worked for 12 years as graphic designer and advertising illustrator. Then she dedicated herself to children’s books and painting. Her paintings have been exhibited in Brussels, Luxembourg, Washington, Shanghai and Singapore. She lives and works now in Luxembourg. In addition to her artist pursuits, she has likewise written and illustrated several children’s books. Most recently, she started to paint on larger scale creating room dividers: on paper or on wood panels.



I try to reach the emotions of everyone by giving memory and life to my own. I seek to give others the possibility to experience my feelings as an inner echo of their own. And in doing so, I opened the viewer to his own interpretations and emotions. It is the sublime emotional state that I seek to record, capturing the deep emotional impressions of life before they vanish. Choosing contradictory materials such as water and ink on wax to evoke shapes, my work is not interested in specific shapes but the direct emotions they suggest, especially in their relationships with others. My work often depicts figures, landscapes, and trees, shifting between the abstract and the figurative creating scenery that appears simultaneously both distant and personal; emphasising a volatile nature, and a certain fragility.

Reminiscent of flowing landscapes of waters, forests, and mountains, my inner landscapes focus on the movement and blending of shade and hue along with the expressiveness watercolor medium. My ink books transform my paintings into works to be read and appreciated on another level, adding a three- dimensional / sculptural quality to the two- dimensional works, and bridging my ‘writing’ books and ‘painting’ books.



2020 – Solo exhibition – Galerie Simoncini – Luxembourg

2020 – De Mains de Maîtres – Pop up Store – Luxembourg

2019 – De Mains de Maîtres – Pop up Store – Luxembourg

2019 – Révélations – Biennale des Métiers d’Art – De Mains de Maîtres – Grand Palais – Paris

2018 – Biennale des Métiers d’Art – De Mains de Maîtres – Gestes et Merveilles – Luxembourg

2017 – Solo exhibition – Galerie Simoncini – Luxembourg

2017 – Art+Shanghai Gallery- Singapore Art Space

2016 – Luxembourg Art Week – Galerie Simoncini

2015 – Découvertes Printanières – Gallery Arielle Hauterives – Brussels

2014 – Solo Exhibition – Gallery Simoncini – Luxembourg

2013 – In Between Days – ART + Shanghai – China

2012 – Song of the Sirens – Art + Shanghai – China

2010 – Poppy – Art & Jewelry Gallery – Georgetown, Washington

2005 – Balthazar Gallery – Brussels – Belgium

2004 – Konschthaus beim Engel – Luxembourg

2002 – Salon – Cercle Artistique de Luxembourg – Luxembourg

2000 – L n’est pas C Gallery – Brussels – Belgium

1999 – Art au village – Glabais – Belgium

1998 – L n’est pas C Gallery – Genval – Belgium

1996 – Galerie Trièdre- Lasne – Belgium



2020  Mystères aux Musées – Amis des Musées – Luxembourg

2020  Eng Hand voll Gléck – texte M. Horsmans – Editions Bicherhaischen – Luxembourg

2019   Wichapi – Editions Schortgen – Luxembourg

2017   Le trésor de Lucillinburhuc – Editions Schortgen – Luxembourg

2016   My School, My Community, Our Future – Naledi Projects – Luxembourg

2014   Le secret de Xinmei – Texte Hélène Le Châtelier – Association Couleur de Chine

2012   Mr Rouge et Mr Bleu (Editions Mijade, Belgium) – Illustrations E. de Voot

2012   Ma maman ballon (Editions les 400 coups, Canada)

2011   A Scary Alien Story – Texte Steven Dvorkin – Edge Endeavors NY, USA


2011     Non et non pas question ! (Editions Mijade, Belgium) – Illustrations A. Masson

2010     A Weed in my Head – Texte Emma Impavido – Chilhood Brain Tumor Foundation, USA

2008    Bosses, Cabosse et Carabosse (Alice Editions, Brussels)

2005    Sarah et le petit pois (Alice Editions, Brussels)

2003    J’aime pas le poisson (Alice Editions, Brussels)