Born on June 18, 1970, Marie-Isabelle Callier is Belgian and Luxembourgish. After obtaining a degree in Visual Arts and Illustration from StLuc in Brussels in 1991, she worked for 12 years as an infographic designer and advertising illustrator.
Since then, she has dedicated herself to children’s books and painting.
Her works have been exhibited in Belgium, Washington DC, Shanghai, Singapore, and Luxembourg.
Starting in 2018, her screens have been showcased at the Biennials of Arts and Crafts « De Mains De Maîtres » in Luxembourg https://www.demainsdemaitres.lu/calliermarie-isabelle-2023.html and at the Salon Révélations at the Grand Palais in Paris in 2019.
Since March 2023, her works have been featured in the « Homo Faber » catalog by the Michelangelo Foundation.
Craft maker on HomoFaberGuide : https:// hfapp.michelangelofoundation.cloud/en/ discover/marie-isabelle-callier-decorativepainting-luxembourg


The strength of a tree, the rustling of leaves, the ephemerality of a flower, the fragility of a petal, the moving beauty of a landscape… My work is profoundly inspired by nature. Some places take me back to childhood, while others transport me to distant landscapes, once visited or dreamed of with a certain nostalgia. Thus, inner landscapes emerge at the crossroads of my memories and imaginary journeys. My technique, developed through research and experimentation, has allowed me for many years to give them a mysterious transparency. The waxed papers, once coated, offer a velvety texture that plays with transparencies depending on the lighting. Watercolor beads and breathes on this paper, creating dark densities or, conversely, volatile materials. Depending on the light, the recto verso, or more recently, the different layers of cut paper, reveal a certain blur, a presence of light and diaphanous shadows or other hidden corners.

 » In this exhibition, we discover the recent works of a discreet artist whose subjects are borrowed from nature—trees, vines, flowers —that she approaches with consummate art and great poetry. The supports to which she gives a new texture are coated with wax that blurs the lines, defying the drawings of ink and watercolor, offering our eyes fleeting figures as if emerging from a mysterious elsewhere. Marine, tropical landscapes, fascination with the pond, rocks in the mist openly convey the secret of places and the flow of emotions. (…) She is attached to mineral elements, to vegetal elements, giving rise to subtle variations of landscapes seen or glimpsed, centenary trees giving way to many melancholies, and memories of travels. And today, alongside the blues and grays of a very subtle palette, red bursts forth in all its splendor in compositions celebrating « de algas y de coral. » (…) The exhibition also presents small sketches, « faces of exile, » faces of refugees discovered on the screen and that the artist, known for her commitment, wanted to bring into her world. « 
– F. Pirovalli


2023 – Exposition solo – Galerie Simoncini Luxembourg
2023 – Biennale De Mains De Maîtres – Luxembourg
2022 – Craft 3.0 – Immersive Art & Craft exhibition – Differdange – Luxembourg
2021 – Biennale De Mains De Maîtres – Luxembourg
2020 – Exposition solo – Galerie Simoncini Luxembourg
2020 – POP UP De Mains De Maîtres – Luxembourg
2019 – POP UP De Mains De Maîtres – Luxembourg
2019 – REVELATIONS – Grand Palais – Biennale des Métiers d’Art et Création – Paris – France
2018 – IIe Biennale De Mains De Maîtres – Luxembourg
2017 – Exposition Solo – Galerie Simoncini – Luxembourg
2017 – Art+Shanghai Gallery– Singapore Art Space
2016 – Luxembourg Art Week – Galerie Simoncini
2015 – Découvertes Printanières – Galerie Arielle d’Hauterives – Bruxelles
2014 – Exposition Solo – Galerie Simoncini – Luxembourg
2013 – In Between Days – ART+ Shanghai – China
2012 – Song of the Sirens – ART+ Shanghai – China
2010 – Poppy – Art & Jewelry Gallery – Georgetown, Washington
2005 – Balthazar Gallery – Brussels – Belgium
2004 – Konschthaus beim Engel – Luxembourg
2002 – Salon – Cercle Artistique de Luxembourg – Luxembourg
2000 – L n’est pas C Gallery – Brussels – Belgium
1999 – Art au village – Glabais – Belgium
1998 – L n’est pas C Gallery – Genval – Belgium
1996 – Galerie Trièdre – Lasne – Belgium


2023 – Quatre petites cousines au Mullerthal – Editions Schortgen – Luxembourg
2023 – Zerknujelt Geschichten – Textes Marc Weydert – Perspektiv Editions – Luxembourg
2022 – Verdruddelt Geschichten – Textes Marc Weydert – Perspektiv Editions Premier prix Concours littéraire national 2021 – Luxembourg – (nominé L. Buchpraïs 2022)
2021 – Une petite catastrophe – PersPektiv Éditions – Luxembourg – (nominé L. Buchpraïs 2021)
2020 – Mystères aux Musées – Amis des Musées Luxembourg
2020 – Eng Hand voll Gléck – Editions Bicherhaischen – Luxembourg – (texte M.Horsmans)
2019 – Wichapi – Editions Schortgen – Luxembourg – (nominé L. Buchpraïs 2020)
2017 – Le trésor de Lucilinburhuc – Ed. Schortgen – Luxembourg (nominé L. Buchpraïs 2018)
2016 – My School, My Community, My Future – Naledi Projetcs – Luxembourg
2014 – Le Secret of Xinmei – Texte Hélène Le Chatelier – Association Couleurs de Chine
2012 – Mr Rouge et Mr Bleu (Editions Mijade, Belgique) – Illustrations E. DeVoot
2012 – Ma maman ballon (Editions les 400 coups, Canada)
2011 – Non et non, pas question! (Editions Mijade, Belgique) – Illustrations A. Masson
2011 – A Scary Alien Story – Text S. Dvorkin – Edge Endeavors, USA
2010 – A Weed in my Head – Text E. Impavido – Chilhood Brain Tumor Found, USA
2008 – Bosses Cabosses et Carabosse (Alice Editions, Belgique)
2005 – Sarah et le Petit Pois (Alice Editions, Belgique)
2003 – J’aime pas le poisson ! (Alice Editions, Belgique)