Since 2018, exhibiting at the Biennale “De Mains De Maîtres” in Luxembourg, MarieIsabelle Callier makes painted room dividers with a special technique – she paints in watercolor on waxed Japanese paper. With her double-sided screens, she aims to create a dialogue from both sides of the screen. “The murmurs of the material continue on the other side. Depending on the light, the transparency allows us to see a certain blur, a presence of light and delicate shadows. There is an invitation to go see and experience the material on the other side.” For the 2023 edition, she presented two altar-screens and a “Small Theatre”, in which the succession of different paper cut layers refers to the old fashioned opera and theatre decor model.


Last Dioramas Are Coming Soon …

The New World – Orenoque – 2023 & Mi Ciudad Perdida – 2021                 

                                The Jungle – 2023 & The Deep Forest – Amazonas – 2023

                     The Poplar Trees – 2021 & A Family Portrait – Pine Trees – 2020

The New World – Orenoque – 2023 & The Lotus mini screen – 2020          

Five Trees on my Way – 2019 & The Pine Trees – 2018             

Spring and Winter – 2018 & Into the Woods – 2018     

Papier Peint panoramique
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